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Antimicrobial preservative added new textile export barriers
Source : Hismer Add Time : 2015/09/04 PV:
    On August 5, WTO/TBT notification from guangdong consultation center, according to the news since earlier this year the European chemicals agency biological kill agent (BPR) of the eu market for unified management, BPR and regulations and update recently, according to the requirements of the new regulations, the eu will integrate biological kill agent products make use and the rules of the market, to build the eu creatures kill agent products of the technical trade measure system, and it will be a influence guangdong and even the whole country textile shoes clothes and other dozens of products exported to major trade barriers.

    According to incomplete statistics, into the BPR regulation scope in guangdong province, annual export European Union nearly $800 billion in total.The implementation of BPR and regulations, not only to cause significant damage to health pesticide related production and export enterprises, also must be approved by neutralising the agent processing of textile, clothing, furniture, shoes, leather, kitchen products, toys, lamps and lanterns, plastic, rubber, paint coating, mechanical and electrical products to dozens of products have a significant impact.

    We have learned, not reasonable use of biological kill agent can cause human body allergic reaction and so on Health hazards, but also can bring great impact on the environment.At present, our country in textile clothing shoes and other industrial products used in the antiseptic antibacterial agent, also did not establish unified regulations.Eu laws and regulations of the implementation of the BPR, will make active substances permission and authorization become extremely expensive biological kill agent products, not only can give a part of China's export creatures kill agent chemical enterprise additional burden of active ingredients, and its influence scope will expand to the use of antimicrobials in textile shoes take dozens of products export enterprises and preservatives.

    First is treated by biological kill textile shoes clothes and so on dozens of products export enterprises will be affected by a wide range of trade barriers.BPR regulations will be treated as "biological kill agent items" included in the scope of laws and regulations to control, for textile industry, as long as directly or indirectly to the European market has antimicrobial antiseptic function textiles, just need to transfer more than before in the supply chain product information, perform its strict label system.

    The second is easy to result in a chain reaction.The eu as one of the most developed economies in the world, its chemical fairly strict rules and regulation, has the global leading role, the response of the vulnerable to other countries and regions and follow suit.Not only in developed countries, developing countries are also modeled on set up their own chemical supervision mechanism.Once the BPR and regulations has been widely followed, will be treated as biological kill agent in guangdong and even the whole country and its export greater impact of the item.

    At the same time, also make harder in our biological kill agent products export.In BPR under the regulations, all creatures kill agent products must pass through active material review, and obtain the authorization of the European Union or its members, to evaluate also stipulates that enterprises must share the similar has applied for the data of product cost, which makes the original companies by "free-rider" behavior were barred from the cost of exempt from data.Enterprises have to face including data fees, administrative fees and fees, fees, such as high cost.Related survey showed that biological kill agent enterprises in guangdong province Industry is in the majority with small and medium-sized enterprises, weak, such as the inability to cope with BPR laws and regulations, will have to be affiliated supplier has authorized the eu importers.

    To this, China textile industry association of science and technology development, standard ChangSunXiMin everywhere, called for the textile enterprises should strengthen the study biological kill agent such as Europe and the United States and the relevant provisions of the harmful substances in the processing items, and hand in hand with upstream enterprises actively, strengthen the source control, jointly cope with the challenges of BPR and regulations.(China textile news)
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