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The group held in the first half of the analysis of economic operation
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    Chairman of the board of directors for the first half of group company in the production management, project construction, safety production, ideological and political work achievements give full affirmation, sum up has the following several aspects:

    In the first, good stability, good stability.In the face of severe complex situation and challenges, the company on both keep promising mental state, and there was a real work method, firmly grasp the initiative, maintain the good momentum of development.According to "do their business, stable business" principle, took a walk "specialized, refined," the pace of the route, unswervingly pay special attention to the intelligent spinning project construction, focus on investment promotion and capital introduction, speed up the construction of the work, and promote production, reaches producing as soon as possible, better keep improve the expansion of the quantity and quality, particularly emphasis on the improvement of quality.

    Second, buck the trend, flourished.Since this year, we change to compact siro spinning made and new biological material intelligent spinning project of the two big "action", far-reaching influence.Project all reached the world first-class level, is not only a history of huaxing investment project with the largest scale and highest standard, is also the guiding function to the whole industry, benchmarking landmark project, which can guide the current industry situation really upgrading, can lead the future development trend of the textile industry, is really the transformation and upgrading of huaxing group strategic project.The overall goal is to fully reaches producing in September.

    Third, innovation, entrepreneurship, efficiency and benefit.The implementation of the intelligent spinning project engineering construction is a great innovation in the company in recent years the showcase, for an early production reaches producing, inversion period, cross construction company.Equipment installation will be completed in August 31.Structure adjustment and new product development has been a lot of bright spots, colored spun yarn, compact spinning, blended yarn and so on differentiated products performed better than the ordinary normal product, blended products "by small see big", the market share in gradually expanding, benefit is obvious.

    Fourth, the wind is, gas, heart qi, strength.New, up and down since the start of the year, the company adhere to the management, the efficiency for three key work, vigorously implement the transformation and upgrading, brand promotion, quality improvement and human ascension four engineering, from the statistical analysis and grasp, whether economic trends, or development foundation and the mental outlook and state of the personnel at all levels, all present a positive, encouraging, especially in the face of difficult complex internal and external situation, "the wind is, gas, heart qi, jin fa" of the spirit is the most prominent harvest and our current performance.About our cadres and employees of, people idea, people idea development, no fluctuation and team work to get pure and growth, the overall balance the economic run continuously and the healthy and orderly development of the enterprise.

    For the second half of the work, the chairman request:

    A, "the center" to enhance consciousness.Around the benefits of the center, give prominence to the development of the overall situation, to enhance "big logistics, service and guarantee" ideas, work to active service, high efficiency, high level of service, to improve service quality.

    Second, the "task" to enhance consciousness.Each staff, especially managers, must embrace global, with systematic thinking, consciously engaged in the work, the responsibility of oneself, on the overall situation, to grasp the thinking for the development of the company, good at understanding and dealing with problems from the height of the global standard form to complete each task.

    Three, the "key" consciousness to enhance.Around the key work diligently.To put all thoughts and energy to improve the company benefit, one thousand party hundreds, try their best to get the job done.Carry forward the pioneering and innovative spirit, the work should have new ideas, new methods, have the courage to practice, to develop.

    Four, "rewards and punishments" consciousness to enhance.Strict appraisal, retiring.Department, workshop according to the annual business plan objectives, combined with the work done during the first half, adjust the modification plan to refine the target, measures to be specific, to fulfil responsibility, the strict rewards and punishment.

    At the meeting, the company executives, respectively, from the perspective of division of labor, work is summarized and deployment.
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